Non Profit

The work that we have done with this team has been groundbreaking and transformative in our State of California Certified Domestic Violence Program. Their work was excellent and far exceeded our expectation. They helped us develop leadership skills to effectively address complex diversity issues and learn how to cultivate an inclusive environment in our organization.

—Dr. Alvin Mclean, Director of Training, Allen Temple’s Domestic Violence Program, Oakland CA

Health & Human Services

As this skilled team introduced the theoretical framework within which we would begin the work of transforming our organizational culture and, ultimately, the delivery of services to our clients, it was immediately clear that this work was really our work…They provided building blocks on which to construct an alternative, expanded, and more inclusive organization and highlighted our individual and collective roles within the agency and community. They helped us build a vocabulary with which to better engage in dialogue to build equity, and grow consensus. Our work has been challenging.  Our work has been exhilarating.  Our work continues.

—Cheryl L. Duerksen, Ph.D., Agency Director, Health & Human Services Agency, Tulare County, CA

Non Profit

Working with Terry Berman and Associates over the past ten years has been absolutely central to our success as an agency. Whether it’s an interpersonal intervention, a one-day all staff retreat or the multi-day intensive that we send every manager to, staff consistently give their facilitators rave reviews. Their work sharpens the staff’s understanding of the impact of race, gender, class, and position on our day-to-day interactions. They impart easy-to-remember tools to resolve conflicts in ways that deepen our relationships with one another, enhance morale and helps everyone focus on clients’ needs. And they do it with extraordinary humor, compassion and skill.

—Melissa Lukin-Rai, Executive Director, CORA - Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse


Our school is deeply complex. Terry Berman and Associates have supported us in creating clear structures that have maximize our resources and had significant  impact in our efforts to  achieve  equity  and inclusion.

From having faculty effectively work with diversity in their classrooms to supporting parent to understand power dynamics, their insightful services are transforming our community.

—Jon Fulk, Director/Head of School Escuela Bilingüe Internacional, Oakland, CA


Terry Berman’s trainings have illuminated interpersonal dynamics that were invisible to me before.  Now I have tools that help me to navigate difficult conversations and situations in a more understanding and compassionate way.

—Caroline Schnieders, Faculty/Administrator, Walden Center and School, Berkeley, CA


Yu Ming Charter School has been working with Terry Berman and Associates for nearly two years. She has delivered training to our staff, facilitated parent and committee meetings and coached/mentored me. On a personal level I have found the time spent with Terry Berman transformative. She has taught me how to engage in difficult conversation across lines of difference in a meaningful and respectful way. Terry Berman and Associates have worked with our staff in a way that builds trust and is safe and non-judgmental. They bring a model that has supported staff to be self focused, examine their own biases as well as looking at institutional/cultural issues and providing support to integrate equity and inclusion change strategies. As a result of our partnership with Terry Berman and Associates, our whole community has benefited from having a more skillful Principal and a more aware and culturally sensitive teaching staff. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

—Laura Ross, Principle Yu Ming Charter School, Oakland, CA