Multicultural Training

A key aspect of our work is helping organizations enhance their ability to work effectively in teams in a way that supports equity and inclusion.  We provide useful effective multicultural strategies to enhance human resource management, conflict resolution and decision-making.

We offer Multicultural Training that:
  • Provides tool and frameworks for undertraining and engaging in a practice that supports equity and inclusion
  • Establishes a common language to effectively discuss issues of difference
  • Provides opportunity for dialogue and self-reflection
  • Builds internal capacity to support the implementation of change strategies
  •  And supports and enhance effective team function
Skills Based Outcomes Include:
  • The ability to identify and discuss underlying issues regarding race ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation and other area of difference in a safe and open manner
  • Improved communication and conflict resolution skills especially across differences
  • Strategies for building sensitive and effective multicultural work teams
  • Capacity to recognize and address systems level barriers to equity and inclusion.
  • Satisfied diverse staff and high retention


Coaching assists individuals in leadership positions to institute ongoing multicultural change by providing an avenue to discuss the challenges that emerge and to develop options for addressing them. The coaching relationship is based on a contractual agreement decided by the client in collaboration with the coach. It builds on the existing skills, knowledge, and experience of the client. While the training/consulting places the consultant more in a role to give direction from a place of knowledge, coaching focuses more on exploring, facilitating, partnership and long-term development.

Coaching provides
  • A supportive and professional coach who listens and provides feedback on options with a fresh perspective
  • A partnership focused on improved outcomes
  • An ongoing focus and accountability process on personal and organizational goals
Multicultural Coaching addresses these areas of personal development
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Cross cultural communication skills
  • Effective multicultural teams
  • Credibility and trust across differences


We recognize that organizations often spend significant amount of unproductive time in meetings. Facilitation assists organizations to maximize the time spent to produce positive outcomes. We also provide useful process skills to support productive discussions, especially when addressing challenging topics. In addition, clients gain useful skills through the exposure to effective facilitation. x

Facilitation provides
  • Clear desired outcomes
  • Realistic agenda design
  • Effective time management
  • Successful discussion management
  • Setting priorities
  • Decision making options
  • Buy-in and agreement
Positive Outcomes
  • Effective use of time
  • Clear agreements
  • Facilitation skills development
  • Improved communication

Conflict Resolution

We recognize that most of us have been trained systematically to be competitive. While this training prepares us well for the competitive job and business market, it leaves us with few skills in establishing effective and authentic collaborative relationships.

Conflict Resolution skill-building provides
  • An understanding of conflict and its impact
  • Appropriate conflict resolution processes in the organization
  • Understanding of how institutional issues can often result in interpersonal conflict
Conflict Resolution skill-building addresses these areas
  • Conflict in the context of overall relationship and focus on mutual benefits
  • A shift from blaming to taking appropriate responsibility
  • Understanding of diverse perspectives and points of view
  • Understanding of how power dynamics create conflict

Multicultural Organizational Development

Provides a multicultural framework for the development of mission, policies. procedures and action plans to improve all aspects of organizational functioning. We work both directly with teams and entire organizations to review the organization’s mission and goals, to assess and assign accountability measures and to make long-term recommendations.

  • Unclear or unwritten policies and procedures
  • Lack of integration of diversity in key structures, processes and services
  • Lack of follow-through or evaluation of meetings, board /staff retreats
  • Unclear diversity mission and goals
  • Inflexible exclusive organizational culture
  • Inability to identify root causes of obstacles to valuing diversity
  • Clear shared diversity mission and goals
  • Written inclusive policies and procedures with built-in accountability measures
  • Well planned facilitated meetings and retreats with comprehensive action plans
  • Agreement on root causes of diversity obstacles and a strategic plan to create resolution