Build Equitable & Inclusive Education Institutions

We provide comprehensive consultation and training services to public and private educational institutions to develop, implement and build internal capacity to sustain multicultural strategies. Our consultants’ work collaboratively with each institution to identify their unique needs and design trans- formative interventions.

Services Offered
  • Short-term consultations that can include assessment, professional development training and resources for faculty/staff on equity and multiculturalism.
  • Long-term partnerships to plan, achieve and evaluate the implementation of significant multicultural change strategies in the institutions, programs, policies and practices.
  • A common language, tools and skills for effective dialogue and engagement to address issues of difference among the administration, faculty, staff, student and parent bodies.
  • On-going staff development that builds effective multicultural pedagogy in the classroom.
  • Development of institutional practices that create an equitable and inclusive school environment.
  • Successful outreach and retention strategies that support the full participation and success of all students and faculty.

Our school is deeply complex. Terry Berman and Associates have supported us in creating clear structures that have maximized our resources and had significant  impact in our efforts to  achieve  equity  and inclusion. From having faculty effectively work with diversity in their classrooms to supporting parent to understand power dynamics, their insightful services are transforming our community.

—Jon Fulk, Director/Head of School Escuela Bilingüe Internacional, Oakland, CA